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Author: Therese Fowler & John Kessel - FULL!
Date/Time: Friday 11/30/2018 at 11:00 AM
Book: A Well Behaved Woman and Pride and Prometheu
Synopsis: Our first husband-and-wife authors on the same ticket, separate novels, different genres! Therese Fowler is the author of the bestseller and television series "Z: The Story of Zelda Fitzgerald" who returns with "one of the most anticipated books of Fall 2018" (Publishers Weekly), "A Well-Behaved Woman," the dramatic and compelling Gilded Age tale of Alva Smith, the young woman who married William K. Vanderbilt and launched the Vanderbilt dynasty as we know it today. Kirkus, in a starred review, calls it "nothing short of mesmerizing." The logline for John Kessel's new novel is "Pride and Prejudice meets Frankenstein" as Mary Bennet falls for the enigmatic Victor Frankenstein and befriends his monstrous Creature in this clever fusion of two popular classics. Threatened with destruction unless he fashions a wife for his Creature, Victor Frankenstein travels to England where he meets Mary and Kitty Bennet, the remaining unmarried sisters of the Bennet family from "Pride and Prejudice." As Mary and Victor become increasingly attracted to each other, the Creature looks on impatiently, waiting for his bride. But where will Victor find a female body from which to create the monster’s mate?
Restaurant: Southern Comforts in the Hammock Shops (venue change)
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